Beginnings and Plans

Project Prakash was launched in 2005 by Prof. Pawan Sinha. Since that time, members of the Sinha laboratory, including undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows, have worked with ophthalmologists in India and have conducted several studies with individuals who gained sight late in life.

The base for Project Prakash in India has been set up at the Shroff Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) in New Delhi. Collaborating investigators at SCEH are: Dr. Suma Ganesh MS and Dr. Umang Mathur MS.

Founded over 75 years ago, SCEH provides world-class eye care. It has treated over 4.4 million patients and performed over 250,000 eye surgeries. A significant proportion of SCEH's patients come from the economically weak sections of society where the prevalence of childhood blindness is especially high. Over the past few years, the hospital has maintained an active outreach program that brings in thousands of patients from villages in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan for sight restoring surgery.

Project Prakash is supported by funds from the National Eye Institute (NIH), the James McDonnell Foundation and the Nick Simons Foundation.

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