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The iconic MIT home page Spotlight features a daily-changing image and design that focuses on advances in research, technology and education taking place at the Institute. Though some Spotlights do run multiple days - for example Friday's spot usually runs through the weekend, we work very hard to maintain the daily-changing tradition. We've combed our servers and have compiled a digital archive of the Institute home page through the years - well over 2000 images. Enjoy!
Fighting inefficienciesToday’s Spotlight features a photograph, taken by Allegra Boverman, of MIT senior Sheldon Trotman.

When Sheldon Trotman walks into any room, he almost instinctively looks for inefficiencies. The electrical engineering and computer science major is bent on streamlining our world, and has already founded several small companies that aim to do so.

Even while meeting at a small coffee shop, he is quick to point out a simple fix to a problem that the shop’s proprietors may not even know they have: Many restaurants and workplaces with shift-based scheduling rely on clunky spreadsheets, email lists, or phone calls to coordinate employees who pick up and drop shifts at the last minute. Trotman has designed an app that would let workers do all of this remotely.

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The MIT home page Spotlight showcases the research, technology and education advances taking place at the Institute every day.

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A burst of activity

A burst of activity

Today’s Spotlight features an image from NASA/JPL Caltech/S. Stolovy, of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The brightest white spot in the middle is the very center of the galaxy, which also marks the site of a supermassive black hole.

As black holes go, Sagittarius A* is relatively low‑key. The black hole at the center of our galaxy emits very little energy for its size, giving off roughly as much energy as the sun, even though it is 4 billion times as massive.

However, astronomers have observed that nearly once a day, the black hole rouses to action, emitting a brief burst of light before settling back down. It’s unclear what causes such flare‑ups, and scientists have sought to characterize these periodic bursts in order to better understand how black holes evolve.

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