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The iconic MIT home page Spotlight features a daily-changing image and design that focuses on advances in research, technology and education taking place at the Institute. Though some Spotlights do run multiple days - for example Friday's spot usually runs through the weekend, we work very hard to maintain the daily-changing tradition. We've combed our servers and have compiled a digital archive of the Institute home page through the years - well over 2000 images. Enjoy!
Putting pins to paperToday’s Spotlight features stills from a video by Melanie Gonick/MIT.

The MIT Costume Shop is where creativity flourishes at the Institute. Courses in both costume design and figure drawing are only a couple of the examples of what is offered. The Costume Shop also designs, constructs and assists in all theater art productions on campus. This video shows how students can take a simple medium like paper and transform them into incredible, and functional garments.

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The MIT home page Spotlight showcases the research, technology and education advances taking place at the Institute every day.

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Accounting for everyone

Accounting for everyone

Today’s Spotlight uses a photograph, by Bryce Vickmark, of Rodrigo Verdi, an associate professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Rodrigo Verdi is aware that accounting does not have the most — how to put it — alluring reputation. He senses, from the first time students walk into his accounting class, their anticipation that the subject will be dry and technical. So Verdi addresses this issue head‑on.

“Accounting is the language of business,” Verdi, an associate professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, tells his students. Moreover, he emphasizes, it is the basis of evaluating almost any aspect of a firm. “When I step in the classroom to teach the core accounting class to MBA students, I tell them, ‘I’m not training you to be an accountant. I’m training you because whatever you decide to do, accounting is going to be fundamental.’”

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