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The iconic MIT home page Spotlight features a daily-changing image and design that focuses on advances in research, technology and education taking place at the Institute. Though some Spotlights do run multiple days - for example Friday's spot usually runs through the weekend, we work very hard to maintain the daily-changing tradition. We've combed our servers and have compiled a digital archive of the Institute home page through the years - well over 2000 images. Enjoy!
Happy Labor DayToday’s Spotlight features images of MIT staff members from Campus Construction, Facilities and Maintenance and Utilities. A special thanks to everyone for participating in the spotlight, and thanks to all the facilities staff who work so hard, often behind the scenes, to keep MIT running. All photographs are by M. Scott Brauer.

In order of appearance:
Sogna Scott: Administrative Assistant II; Dept. of Facilities; Grounds Services; 17 years
Albert Gray: Mover; Dept. of Facilities; 13 years
Varin Ang: Senior Project Manager; Campus Construction; 8 years
Denise Guillette: Construction Safety Engineer; Campus Construction; 1.5 years
Raul Ortiz: Custodian; Dept. of Facilities; 16 years
Sharon Clute: Locksmith; Maintenance and Utilities; 29 years
Juan Hernandez: Custodial Services Supervisor; Dept. of Facilities; 1 year

Read more about MIT’s Department of Facilities on their website.
The MIT home page Spotlight showcases the research, technology and education advances taking place at the Institute every day.

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Two weeks and counting

Two weeks and counting

Today’s Spotlight is a slideshow of photographs provided by the MIT Strong team.

First slide: Runner Mike Gerhardt '12 (right), a member of the MIT Strong Marathon team, trains for the marathon at a 30K race with his father, Massachusetts State Trooper Wayne Gerhardt. Mike was waiting at the finish line for his father to finish the race last year with the bombings occurred. Thankfully, father and son were unharmed—and plan to cross the finish line together this year. Photo courtesy Mike Gerhardt.

Second slide: MIT Strong Marathon Team members Alex Slocum '82 SM '83 PhD '85 (left) and Ryan Borker go on a three-hour, cross-country training run in the woods of New Hampshire in March. Slocum, Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering, regularly competes in Ironman Triathlons and other endurance events. Borker had completed the marathon last year in under three hours and was standing across the street from the second bomb when it exploded. Copyright Thomas Gearty.

Third slide: For Maggie Lloyd '12, a member of the MIT Strong Marathon Team and MIT alumnus, numbers matter: her watch shows that her training run in March 2014 lasted 2 hours and 59 minutes—or 179 minutes, the same number as the badge number of slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. Photo courtesy Maggie Lloyd.

Fourth slide: Members of the MIT Strong Marathon Team stop on the steps of 77 Mass Ave at MIT during a training run on March 29, 2014. From left: Sally Miller '16, Madeline Hickman '11, Tom Gearty, and Rachel DeLucas '03. Miller, Hickman, and DeLucas are members of the MIT Outing Club; Gearty serves as Editorial Director in MIT Resource Development. Copyright Thomas Gearty.

Fifth slide: Sally Miller '16 of the MIT Strong Marathon Team stops in front of the Great Dome at the start of a training run on March 29, 2014. The team is made up of student, faculty, staff, and alumni. Miller is one of the volunteer co-organizers of the team. Copyright Thomas Gearty.

Learn more at the MIT Strong homepage