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The iconic MIT home page Spotlight features a daily-changing image and design that focuses on advances in research, technology and education taking place at the Institute. Though some Spotlights do run multiple days - for example Friday's spot usually runs through the weekend, we work very hard to maintain the daily-changing tradition. We've combed our servers and have compiled a digital archive of the Institute home page through the years - well over 2000 images. Enjoy!
Warm welcomeToday’s Spotlight features photographs, taken by Dominick Reuter, of MIT's Freshman Convocation.

“You belong to an extremely select group,” MIT President L. Rafael Reif told the incoming Class of 2018 at this year’s Freshman Convocation, the traditional welcoming ceremony for the Institute’s new freshmen.

Pointing to the 7.9 percent acceptance rate for a group of applicants that is already heavily self-selected to represent the elite of graduating high school students, he told this “extremely strong and talented group” that although they undoubtedly had other options, “you all made an extremely smart choice” by coming to MIT. Recalling his own uncertainties when he first arrived here, he said he quickly realized “this community was like an extended family.”

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Hitting the mark

Hitting the mark

Today’s Spotlight image, by Aude Thiriot/Harvard, shows

MIT engineers designed RNA-carrying nanoparticles (red) that can be taken up by endothelial cells (stained blue).

RNA interference (RNAi), a technique that can turn off specific genes inside living cells, holds great potential for treating many diseases caused by malfunctioning genes. However, it has been difficult for scientists to find safe and effective ways to deliver gene-blocking RNA to the correct targets.

Up to this point, researchers have gotten the best results with RNAi targeted to diseases of the liver, because it filters the blood. But now, in a study appearing in the May 11 issue of Nature Nanotechnology, an MIT-led team reports achieving the most powerful RNAi gene silencing to date in nonliver tissues.

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