MITFSC Library Listing:
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(as of 8/15/01)


  • Arnold, Richard
    Dancing on Skates
  • Berman, Alice
    Skater's Edge Sourcebook
    Supplement to Skater's Edge Sourcebook, May 2000
  • Dyer, Lorna, and Brandt, Harry
    Ice Dancing Illustrated
  • Fassi, Carlo
    Figure Skating with Carlo Fassi
  • Frei, Ann-Margreth
    Magic of Style on-ice manuals, volumes I, II, and III
  • Harris, Ricky
    Choreography & Style for Ice Skaters
  • International Skating Union (ISU) Judges Handbooks
    Single Free Skating and the Technical Program, 1993
    Regulations for Ice Dancing, 1986
    Pair Skating, 1984
  • Martin, Bobby and Barbie
    Eyeskate Foundations on-ice exercise reference cards
    notebook of the club's "accumulated wisdom"
  • Noyes, Tina
    I Can Teach You to Figure Skate
  • Ogilvie, Robert,
    Basic Ice Skating Skills (three copies)
    Competitive Figure Skating, A Parent's Guide
  • Petkevich, John Misha
    Figure Skating Championship Techniques
  • Professional Skaters Association (PSA)
    Coaches Manual
    Handbook of Figure Skating
    Moves in the Field 2000/2001
  • Sullivan, George
    Better Ice Skating for Boys and Girls
  • Turner, Roger F.
    Free Skating Test Structure, 1994-95
    Skate with U.S. - Basic Skills Program
    Skate with U.S. - Basic Skills Program (including Snowplow Sam)


  • Babilonia & Gardner
    How to Ice Skate
  • Dubova, Natalia
    Stroking Exercises on Ice, Volume I
  • Frei, Ann-Margreth
    Magic of Style -Volumes I, II, and II
    Spectator's Guide to Figure Skating
  • Lussi, Gustav
    Systematic Figure Skating: Volume I Spins
  • Martin, Bobby and Barbie
    Eyeskate Foundations-
  • MITFSC Exhibition videos
    1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
  • Moss & Schmitz
    Texas Dance Styles
  • Professional Skaters Association (PSA)
    Moves in the Field, Volumes 1 and 2
    Moves in the Field for the New Free Skating Test Structure
    Welcome to Figure Skating

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    International Figure Skating
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