Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Joint Research Projects

FDP Joint Research Projects will provide a mechanism for the Skoltech faculty member to be an integral and active member of an MIT research group. The MIT PI will act as research collaborator and mentor for the duration of the project, and will provide hosting (working space) and limited logistical support for the Skoltech faculty member (and a small number of their research students/staff) during their residency at MIT.

Budget and Schedule

The MIT proposer(s) receives initial funding, based on proposed activities, for two years, with an option for a third year. Additionally, the MIT PI/mentor will receive fixed discretionary funds to support hosting and/or mentoring activities during the residency of the Skoltech faculty. Independently, the Skoltech faculty member will receive funding from Skoltech for two years to support individual activities and/or research assistance. Funds may be used for postdocs and research staff, as well as materials and equipment that can be transferred to Skoltech at the end of the MIT residency.

Additional Information

Detailed information regarding the Joint Research Projects can be found in the latest version of the Request for Proposals, available on email request. Please contact Thomas Luly, Faculty Development Coordinator, for inquiries or questions concerning the projects.