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2013 MISTI Summer Internships

During the summer of 2013, five MIT students departed from the familiarity of MIT and took the opportunity to travel to Russia and gain first hand experience in their field of study. These students took advantage of the MISTI’s MIT-Russia program, recently launched in the spring of 2012 with the generous support of the Skolkovo Foundation, and gained the opportunity to work with leading companies around Moscow, including General Electric, Yandex, Sberbank, and Strelka Institute for Media, architecture and Design.

The MIT-Russia MISTI program provided an all expenses paid internship that allows student to work with a variety of companies or research institutions. Corporate possibilities include marketing research, energy engineering, big data mining and analysis, or security IT, and those interested in laboratory work may be able to conduct research at the National Research Nuclear University.

What is MISTI?

MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiative) focuses on connecting MIT undergraduate and graduate students with research and innovation opportunities around the world. Each year, MIT students apply to work abroad across 17 countries with leading companies and labs in order to gain hands on training in their field of study.

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