Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

The Ideas Lab delivers

September 23 to 27, 2013 in Moscow marked the first ever "Ideas Lab" workshop in Russia. Skoltech and the MIT Skoltech Initiative hosted this event in order to generate multidisciplinary collaborative research projects to answer the question:

How can an institution (such as a university or a governmental agency) seed, grow and maximize technological innovation and entrepreneurship?

The process was fascinating and enlightening. Participants represented over 20 disciplines and 17 countries. The purpose was to generate radically different and innovative ideas.

Two ambitious projects will be funded by Skoltech, and the teams that formed during the Ideas Lab will build a substantial presence at Skoltech during their execution. The Ideas Lab achieved its goal of generating really novel ideas for relevant research at Skoltech.

  • Rapid Design Pivot. By introducing Skoltech Rapid Design Pivot early in the process of developing tech products, developers will be able to discover diverse and multiple uses and markets for their products much more efficiently.
  • Thing Tank. The project will pioneer the field of thing-centered innovation and will make Skoltech a hub for such innovation processes.

The Ideas Lab event also helped Skoltech to move far beyond simple academic research proposals. In just one week, MIT enabled Skoltech to launch and build an international community of researchers and practitioners of entrepreneurship and innovation; this is a network of diverse organizations and enthusiastic experts.

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