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New Half-Semester Course at MIT

For the first time, MIT and Skolkovo students together in entrepreneurship and innovation

The MIT-Skolkovo Joint Program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation has announced a new 6-credit course for the second half of this semester, and encourages MIT students from across the Institute to apply.

The course is called 10.S95/15.S70 Ideas to Impact: Foundations for Commercializing Technological Advance.

In the course, MIT students from across the Institute will work in teams with engineering students from Skoltech to address technical challenges, developing technical solutions as well as proposals with commercially-oriented considerations. The course is limited to 30 students.

The course will be taught by Professor Ed Roberts, founder and chair of the Martin Trust Center; Visiting Professor Rory O'Shea from Sloan; research scientist Luis Perez-Breva from the chemical engineering department (who also teaches 10.807/15.371 Innovation Teams), and Violetta Gerasymenko, an assistant professor at the NOVA School of Business & Economics in Portugal.

MIT students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply for the course by emailing Professor Roberts at with a one-page CV and one paragraph about why they want to take the course. Sloan MBA students in the E&I Track should note that they will not be admitted into the course due to overlap.

The course meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:30am-12pm in room E62-221, starting Monday, April 1 through the end of the semester. The course is 6 credits (3-0-3) and is graduate-level; undergraduate seniors are also encouraged to apply.

(Via the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship)