Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


MIT will provide assistance in the creation of the initial academic Master’s and PhD degree programs, in each of the Science and Technology Programs. This assistance will include definition of the structure and policies related to degree programs (e.g., number of subjects required for degrees; guidelines on both research and educational components of degrees), as well as definition of core requirements, electives, and qualification procedures. MIT will assist in transfer, and in some cases development of, classes to Skoltech for these educational programs. For each program, an MIT faculty member will serve as a Program Coordinator to link with the Skoltech Program Director in establishing these educational programs, and to interface with MIT faculty and staff participating in curriculum transfer and development.

MIT will assist in building the Skoltech faculty in addition to assistance and guidance in defining and implementing the overall Skoltech university structure and curriculum. A selected number of newly hired Skoltech faculty per year will have a one year posting at MIT under a Faculty Development Program. These faculty will engage in various development activities, absorb the unique culture of MIT, prepare to deliver the educational curricula, and launch a research collaboration with a host MIT faculty member. Skoltech faculty members will join and teach in one of the Skoltech topical educational Programs once the Skoltech faculty member begins his or her tenure on the Skoltech campus. They will also participate as an investigator, guiding their students and research staff, in one of the Research Centers.