Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


The third core element of Skoltech will be an integral structure to foster and link research and education with innovation and entrepreneurship. The overarching goal is to instill a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the education and scientific activities of Skoltech. Like the Research Center model, the CEI will be developed through a collaboration between MIT, Skoltech and possibly other institutions. MIT will assist Skoltech in establishing this new model through the creation of a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Skoltech (CEI@Skoltech). The CEI will be based on fundamental principles for success in academic innovation and derived from experience at MIT and elsewhere and will integrate the three pillars for entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I): Education, Research, and Commercialization. Thus, one can view the structure of CEI in a manner analogous to the Research Centers (see Figure 4) in which there are activities at Skoltech, MIT and other institutions with collaboration in research and education amongst the partners.

The vision for CEI@Skoltech and its integration into the university is summarized in Figure 6. It will provide not only the internal infrastructure for education in innovation and entrepreneurship, and for the funding of innovation grants and E&I research, but also the interface for external relationships with industry and international institutions in support of external research contracts, technology transfer to both new and existing companies including: the Technopark, investors and entrepreneurs. CEI@Skoltech will oversee course offerings to students in all of the Programs, provide knowledge assistance to all of the Skoltech Research Centers and maintain a liaison with all the Skoltech Research Centers to identify IP, support technology transfer and facilitate where appropriate external industrial interaction. These activities of CEI@Skoltech, the CEI@MIT, and interaction with other institutions are described in more detail below.

Figure 6: CEI Functional Model – External Interface

figure 6 image

The framework for the organizational structure of CEI@Skoltech is based on three pillars, each of which embraces several short and long term goals. The organizational architecture, capability and capacity for CEI@Skoltech will be developed in collaboration with CEI@MIT and will be designed to meet the unique needs of the Russian innovation ecosystem.