Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


The Education Pillar is based on the principle that “the informed eye can see the opportunity.” Educational activities along with an integrated curriculum in innovation and entrepreneurship provide a means to assure that all students and post docs understand the potential and processes for commercialization of science and technology. These activities build: strength in disciplinary scientific and engineering knowledge which provide the platform for a knowledge economy; familiarity and comfort with cross-disciplinary initiatives; worldly knowledge to understand the societal context of science and technology; systems thinking to address complex and dynamic problems; and innovation and entrepreneurship education to connect science, technology and business. Formal subjects in innovation and entrepreneurship will be available as both required material as well as additional elective subjects for greater depth and disciplinary focus. In addition activities such as student/staff clubs, business and plan and new venture competitions, and mentoring by entrepreneurs bring opportunity to create a culture of innovation in the university.