Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


The Research Pillar has several components. First, strong basic research in science and engineering is essential, as it provides the ideas and observations from which innovation emerges; basic research is the engine for innovation and the Research Centers provide this engine. These RCs will each have an on the ground activity at Skoltech as well as at international institutions (like MIT) and other Russian institutions. Second, there must be an opportunity for strategic cross-disciplinary research as is proposed and enabled by the educational programs associated with the five science and technology theme areas. Third, this basic research must be translated to address specific market opportunities such that, if successful, it may have commercial impact; we envision the use of Innovation Grants supporting translational research as practiced by the MIT Deshpande Center as an essential model to develop and capture value from basic research. Finally, the research pillar must also include research on the management and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, especially in the Russian context. This is essential to assure continuous improvement and understanding of the unique regional business and social dynamics of entrepreneurship.