Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Campus Planning

MIT will provide assistance to Skoltech’s team of real estate development specialists. This assistance will include:

  • Advise Skoltech and its consultants with regard to MIT practices regarding space utilization
  • Assist the Skoltech team in developing a conceptual framework and common vocabulary consistent with MIT campus space organization for Skoltech planning and design including:
    • Space typologies
    • Functional and technical requirements
    • Relative distribution of space types across the MIT campus
    • Prototypical space adjacency relationships
    • Basic benchmark information on space standards
    • Information about the types of spaces unique to a technical institution such as MIT
    • Space utilization and organization charts indicating volumetric requirements
    • Advice on adaptation to Skoltech requirements
  • Review and advise on space programming/area schedules; cost estimates; design development and construction schedules; technical specifications for performance building engineering equipment in laboratories, classrooms, and other specialized buildings; space program quantities
  • Act as liaison between the MIT Faculty and the Skoltech team to gather data and exchange information, employing tools such as:
    • Reports and graphic information
    • Regular meetings with MIT faculty to understand academic goals
    • Continuous information exchange regarding general and specific laboratory organization and requirements
  • Provide periodic program and design review
  • Advise on the following activities during the construction phase:
    • Schedule progress and potential issues
    • QA/QC Health and safety standards and protocols
    • Commissioning protocols and program
    • Turnover training