Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

University Organization

Skoltech will be organized as a permanent, modern, international university as pictured in Figure 1, with a physical campus for research and education in Skolkovo, Russia. Skoltech will initially have five primary education and research programs, corresponding to priority areas as defined by Russia: these will be Programs in Information Science and Technology, Energy Science and Technology, Biomedical Science and Technology, Space Science and Technology, and civilian Nuclear Science and Technology. Each of these Programs will provide Master’s and Ph.D. degrees to be granted by Skoltech.

A Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) within Skoltech will provide education, research, and administrative functions related to the practice of entrepreneurship and innovation, spanning across and coupled to the degree-granting Programs.

Fifteen Research Centers will be associated with Skoltech, each residing under one or more of the Programs. Each Research Center will have a thematic research mission carried out through a distributed collaborative research program between Skoltech, international, and Russian institutions, and will have both physical and virtual components. As the Skoltech campus and research laboratories are constructed and equiped, Skoltech faculty, staff and students will conduct their research under each Research Center in new physical laboratories at Skoltech. In addition, each Research Center will have a virtual component, comprised of ongoing research collaborations with and between the Research Center partner institutions in which each institution’s researchers conduct their research primarily at their home facilities, but in thematic and intellectual collaboration across and within Research Center areas and projects.

Finally, Skoltech will have central administration that provides the educational and research facilities and services of a modern research university.

Figure 1: Conceptual Architecture of Skoltech

figure 1 image