Building the Future of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Russian-American Research Symposium: Past, Present & Future

Sponsored by MIT in collaboration with Skoltech

Location & Date

Digital October Center, 6 Bersenevskaya Embankment - Building 3, Moscow, 119072, Russian Federation
December 15, 2014


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - in collaboration with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) - invites you to the Russian-American Research Symposium, with exciting, hands-on opportunities to:

  • Exchange novel ideas in translational research, innovation, and entrepreneurship;
  • Meet over 30 leading Russian and MIT scientists who will present their research and share valuable insights on scientific trends in Biomedicine, Energy, Computational Science and Technology, Advanced Materials, and Aerospace;
  • Engage with academic and student innovators in a special session focused on Entrepreneurship and the Research University;
  • Learn about and share cutting edge scientific trends;
  • Network with leading researchers, innovators, and students.

The Symposium will include plenary presentations, a panel focused on translational research, and parallel sessions for the different fields of science. All sessions will be in English. Please find the draft agenda and supportive information below. We look forward to welcoming you at Digital October in Moscow on December 15 for this exciting and timely event.

Poster Session

Student posters will be on display for the entire Symposium.


By e-mail or Mr. Vitaly Buldakov, Program Manager in Russia for the MIT-Skoltech Initiative at +7-929-985-39-44.

Download Symposium Brochure, Agenda, Poster, & Directions






Plenary Welcome & Introduction


Parallel Sessions (Click the color bar to view schedule)

Biomedical Science and Engineering

10:50-11:00Opening Remarks
11:00-11:35Convergence in Life Sciences: Academic Entrepreneurship (Ram Sasisekharan, MIT)
11:35-12:10Biophotonics: From Bench to Bedside, From Discoveries to Products (Peter So, MIT)
12:10-12:45New Tools for Biophotonics in THz-to-X-Ray Frequency Ranges (Alexander Sergeev, IAP RAS)
12:45-13:20RNAi: From Target Discovery to Drug Development (Victor Kotelianski, Skoltech)
14:05-14:40Stem Cells: Instrumental in Cause and Cure of Diseases (Anton Berns, Skoltech)
14:40-15:15Elucidating Host Immune Responses to Therapeutics, Synthetic and Biologic (Joshua Doloff, MIT)
15:15-15:50Towards Engineering Artificial Lymphoid Organs (Sergei Nedospasov, MSU)
15:50-16:05Coffee Break
16:05-16:40Brain-Machine Interfaces, from Scientific Concepts to Medical Applications (Alexander Kaplan, MSU)
16:40-17:15Understanding and Engineering Brains and Minds (Ed Boyden, MIT)

Energy Science and Technology

10:50-11:00Opening remarks
11:00-11:35Skoltech Center for Energy Systems: Changing the Paradigm of Power System Operation and Control (Janusz Bialek, Skoltech)
11:35-12:10Integrated Smart Energy Systems – a Russian Perspective (Nikolai Voropai, ESI SB RAS)
12:10-12:45Resiliency and Security of Future Energy Networks (Konstantin Turitsyn, MIT)
12:45-13:20No Watt Left Behind (Steven Leeb, MIT)
14:05-14:40Automatic Control of Distributed Generation and SmartGrids (Denis Armeev, NSU)
14:40-15:15Innovative Solutions and Implementation in Russia of New High Voltage Energy Equipment (Eduard Son, JIHT RAS)
15:15-15:50Advanced Materials for Energy Storage: Challenges and Opportunities (Keith Stevenson, Skoltech)
15:50-16:05Coffee Break
16:05-16:40Nuclear Energy Systems and Materials Research at MIT-NSE (Ju Li, MIT)
16:40-17:15Research and Innovations at NRNU MEPhI Center for Nuclear Systems & Materials (Maria Ganchenkova, MEPhI)

Computational Science and Engineering

10:50-11:00Opening remarks
11:00-11:35Accelerating Optimization, Inverse Problems & Uncertainty Quantification on Complex Systems using Parameterized Model Order Reduction (Luca Daniel, MIT)
11:35-12:10Algebraic Separation of Variables in Multi-Dimensional Computations (Eugene Tyrtyshnikov, MSU)
12:10-12:45Quantum Materials and Low Energy Information Technology (Leonid Levitov, MIT)
12:45-13:20Fast Temporal Switching in Excitonic and Polaritonic Systems (Sergei Tikhodeev, GPI RAS)
14:05-14:40Photons versus Electrons: Quantum Revolution and Technologies of the Future (Natalia Berloff, Skoltech)
14:40-15:15Approximate Computing: Techniques and Guarantees (Martin Rinard, MIT)
15:15-15:50Machine Learning for Big Data: Texts, Signals, Images and Video (Konstantin Vorontsov, MIPT; Dmitry Vetrov, MSU)
15:50-16:05Coffee Break
16:05-16:40Proofs, Secrets, and Computation (Silvio Micali, MIT)

Advanced Materials and Aerospace Technology

10:50-11:00Opening remarks
11:00-11:35A Multi-step Design Approach to Product Design with Material Macro-Structure (Zafer Gürdal, Skoltech)
11:35-12:10Countering the Threats of Human Space Exploration with Suits, Centrifuges and Robots (Laurence Young, MIT)
12:10-12:45Countering the Threats of Human Space Exploration (Milena Koloteva, IBMP)

Automation for the Space Missions (Alexander Efremov, MAI)
12:45-13:20Research & Innovation at the Skoltech Space Center (Alessandro Golkar, Skoltech)

Entrepreneurship and the Research University

14:05-14:40From University to Products: A Highly Nonlinear Path (Michael Cima, MIT)
14:40-15:15What engineering can teach fashion design: Learnings from cross-industry entrepreneurship (Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Ministry of Supply)
15:15-15:50Basics of Product Development and Founding a Business (Shakeel Avadhany, Levant Power)
15:50-16:05Coffee Break
16:05-16:40Being a Student Entrepreneur: An Insider's View (Kate Lengold Kotenko, ImageAiry)

History of Easy Wallet: How we transformed knowledge from university courses into a real-world product and created a startup. (Alexander Ivanov, Easy Wallet)
16:40-17:15To be announced (Alexander Galitsky, Almaz Capital)


Plenary Panel – “Translation of Innovation from Research Universities”


Networking Reception