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A New, Updated Plaza

The newly updated Plaza site was launched on August 24th, thanks to the Plaza (re)Working Group (with some help from CRON). The Working Group was appointed by Amy Glasmeier and the DUSP Communications Committee in Fall, 2009, to transfer the Plaza functions to an easily maintained, publicly available platform.

Here's what you need to know about using the new site.

Important note about the site address

The site is currently accessible at http://plaza.mit.edu. The secure (https://) version of the site will be implemented by the end of September. In the meanwhile, if you're accessing the site from an old bookmark, you might want to temporarily bookmark the http address.

How to Register

  1. Go to http://plaza.mit.edu
  2. Click "Register" (next to "Login")
  3. Read carefully through the User Agreement, and then click "I agree to these terms"
  4. Fill in the registration fields:

Account Approval

  1. You'll receive an email confirmation as soon as I approve your account. This should be quite quickly during regular working hours. We'll have some coverage during evenings and weekends around Orientation Week.
  2. Your account is available for use as soon as you see the email. You can keep the email if you want a password reminder.
  3. If you need any help with registration, just email me, Sue Delaney, at plaza@mit.edu. If you'd like me to register for you, please include your full name, requested username, email address, and DUSP affiliation.

Using the New Site

The new site looks different and works a little differently from the old, but we think you'll see how we adapted the organization of the new site to the new platform.

New and Different Features

A Few Known Issues

Why We Need a New Plaza

The original Plaza was created ten years ago, hand-customized by DUSP PhD candidate Myounggu Kang and Prof. Joe Ferreira from MySQL dbase software. The server and the code have been deteriorating, especially in the last three years, and the server has been hacked and sent off-line once. Amy Glasmeier and the DUSP Communications Committee determined the need for an easily-maintained, low-cost replacement in Spring '09, and the Plaza (re)Working Group was named and convened last Fall.

You can see the Working Group's reports here http://web.mit.edu/rgoodspe/Public/PLAZA/. Look at the "Plaza Memo" for information on the choice of this software and the "Plaza Reworking Report" for the in-depth study. There's also discussion in old Plaza's "DUSP Affairs" forum, Communications subforum, under "Plaza Improvement Update" in the thread starting 5/19/10.

The Plaza Working Group was: Rob Goodspeed, Andrew Gulbrandson, Frank Hebbert, and Gena Peditto. Joe Ferreira served as faculty advisor.

Comments, Questions

We think the new site is a worthy successor to the old site, and we hope you enjoy it. Send us your comments!

Sue Delaney
for the DUSP Communications Committee