As an LGBT applicant, it's important to ensure that the program you end up in will not only accept your identity, but celebrate it. MIT Sloan is proud to foster an environment that embraces the LGBT community.

To learn more, we encourage you to attend admissions events. We have annual events specifically for LGBTQ applicants, and we attend the ROMBA admissions event every year.

If you'd like to speak with students directly, we'd be happy to talk with you! Please contact us at

  • “The students in my program are a tight-knit group, and I met some of my closest friends here during an LGBT trip to Provincetown. The “You Are Welcome Here” postcards that you see everywhere on campus really sum up the supportive culture. I think it differentiates MIT Sloan from other schools.”

    Timothy Winters, MSMS ’13

  • "I’m proud to be at an institution that embraces diversity as much as it embraces technology and innovation."

    Andrew Foster, MBA/LGO '19