Weekend Retreat in Maine

Every spring, our whole club goes on a retreat in Maine. We get a cabin near the ocean and spend a weekend bonding with each other, and enjoying a nice break from our busy lives in Cambridge.

Annual LGBT Cfx

Staying true to its nerdy roots, MIT Sloan calls its cultural events "C-functions", abbreviated as Cfx. Throughout the year, various different groups put on these functions. There are Latin American, Black, Japanese, and many other Cfx's, but the LGBT one is one of the last, and most fun, of the year. We sell MIT Sloan Pride shirts, bring in LGBT entertainment, and throw a dance party at a nearby LGBT bar.

Annual LGBT Ask Me Anything

MIT Sloan also has a tradition of having various groups host Ask Me Anything (AMA) events. Every April, Sloan Pride hosts its own AMA in which a panel of five LGBT Sloan students sits down and answers questions about what it's like to be LGBT at Sloan and in general. This year, close to 100 people attended our AMA.

Annual Miami Retreat

Every February, many LGBT Sloanies escape the Boston winter to join over 80 LGBT MBA candidates from other top tier programs in Miami. It's a great opportunity to get to know LGBT people in different programs and enjoy the beach at the same time.

LGBT Friendsgiving

In addition to our monthly social events throughout the year, we look forward to our LGBT Friendsgiving (which we affectionately call "Gaysgiving") every November.

  • “The students in my program are a tight-knit group, and I met some of my closest friends here during an LGBT trip to Provincetown. The “You Are Welcome Here” postcards that you see everywhere on campus really sum up the supportive culture. I think it differentiates MIT Sloan from other schools.”

    Timothy Winters, MSMS ’13

  • "I’m proud to be at an institution that embraces diversity as much as it embraces technology and innovation."

    Andrew Foster, MBA/LGO '19