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LGBT Business, Professional, and MBA Organizations

Network Q
The leading online networking community for LGBT business school students and alumni. Network Q was started by MIT Sloan!

Reaching Out
An annual conference comprised of panels and networking events that provide a forum for students from leading business schools and business leaders to share information, build networks, and promote cooperation.

Out and Equal

Out & Equal™ Workplace Advocates, based in San Francisco, CA, champions safe and equitable workplaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Hosts a well-attended annual workplace summit.

Financial Services Industry Exchange (FSIX)
Promotes networking and socializing among gay and lesbian banking and finance professionals. FSIX provides professional and personal resources that after-work drinks with work colleagues simply cannot provide.

Out Professionals
One of the leading gay professional groups, based in New York, with thousands of members representing dozens of diverse work and entrepreneurial backgrounds. Monthly meetings, workshops and other events also cover a broad spectrum of interests that draw hundreds of non-members from a variety of professions each year.

The Greater Boston Business Council (GBBC)
New England's largest association of LGBT professionals. Membership includes doctors, lawyers, managers in Fortune 500 companies, contractors, educators and students.

Atlanta Executive Network (AEN)
AEN is Atlanta's largest networking organization and one of the largest in the country. The Atlanta Executive Network is the focal point for gay and lesbian business and professional people.

LGBT Resources at MIT

MIT Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Graduate Student Coffeehouse
The Coffeehouse organizes a number of social and professional activities for LGBT graduate students at MIT.

GaMIT (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgendered, and Friends at MIT)
GaMIT is an organization devoted to insuring the existence of a queer-positive environment at MIT.

The LBGT Issues Group
Includes students and staff, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and allies. The mission is to foster a safe and welcoming environment for LGBT students and to ensure that the educational mission of MIT is upheld for all students regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

MIT Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Alums Page (MIT-BGALA)
Their goal is to provide a social and professional network for MIT affiliates who are supportive of bisexual, gay, and lesbian minorities, including a dedication to improving the quality of life for these minorities at the Institute.

LGBT Resources in Boston

Bay Windows
Bay Windows is New England's leading gay and lesbian newspaper. Their web site includes an extensive list of regional and Boston-based LGBT resources, as well as online articles updated weekly.

Fenway Community Health
For thirty years, has provided high quality medical and mental health care to Boston's lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender community. Also a nationally recognized leader in HIV care and research.

Out In Boston
This community portal features a comprehensive local resources section and other features.

LGBT Organizations at Business Schools

Harvard - Gay and Lesbian Student Association of Harvard Business School

Wharton - Out for Business

Booth - Gays and Lesbians in Business

NYU Stern - OutClass

Stanford - Graduate School of Business Pride

Kellogg - Gay and Lesbian Management Association

Yale School of Management - Q + Gay/Straight Alliance

Dartmouth/Tuck - Gay/Straight Alliance


Anderson School at UCLA - Section G

Ross at University of Michigan Business School - Out for Business

Out for Business at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management