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Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in E52-598 (Forrester Room) from 1:00-2:30 p.m. on Fridays.
As they become available, abstracts or papers for the seminars will be posted and can be seen by following the links as indicated.

Date Speaker & Affiliation Topic/Title
05-Sep-2003 Socializing  Meet the new students!
12-Sep-2003 Idea Chat
Jared Curhan
Individual Differences and Negotiation: A Long Debate Revisited
19-Sep-2003 Nicholas Argyres
Learning to Contract: Evidence from the Personal Computer Industry
26-Sep-2003 Deborah Nightingale
Transforming Enterprises to Lean Organizations
03-Oct-2003 Paul Adler
Practice and Process: the Socialization of Software Development
            Abstract                           Paper
10-Oct-2003 John King
Univ.of Michigan
IT and Long-Term Transformation in the Automobile Realm
            Abstract                       Related paper
17-Oct-2003 Robin Ely 
Learning from Diversity:
The Effects of Learning on Performance in Racially Diverse Teams
24-Oct-2003 Peter Cebon
Melbourne Business School
Meanings on multiple levels: Organizational culture and 
diffusion in institutionalized environments. 
31-Oct-2003 Joyce Fletcher
The Paradox of Post Heroic Leadership: Gender Matters 
07-Nov-2003 Michele Williams
Cognitive Agency, Appraisals, and Cooperation: The Role of Affect as a Coordinating Mechanism
14-Nov-2003 Tiziana Casciaro

Power Imbalance and Interorganizational Relations: Resource Dependence Theory revisited
              Abstract                          Paper

21-Nov-2003 Leslie Perlow
The dynamics of silence
              Abstract                          Paper
28-Nov-2003 Thanksgiving
05-Dec-2003 Jonathon Cummings

Coordination and innovation: Tradeoffs of structural diversity in organizational teams
           Abstract                          Background paper

12-Dec-2003 Idea Chat
Brian Rubineau
Simulating Mechanisms of Job Sex Segregation
Traditionally, doctoral students and faculty meet individually and/or in small groups before and after the seminar. Please e-mail osg-seminar-owner@sloan.mit.edu if you would like to arrange such meetings (please note the dates in which you're interested).

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