Welcome to the
Organization Studies Group's (OSG's)
Fall 2001 OSG Seminar Series

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in E52-598 (Forrester Room) from 1:00-2:30pm on Fridays.
As they become available, abstracts or papers for the seminars will be posted and can be seen by clicking on the title.


Speaker (affiliation) Topic/Title

Sep 7

OSG Semester kickoff We meet at 12:30 in the Forrester room for an informal lunch to welcome the new students.

Sep 14

No Seminar -

Sep 21

Leigh Thompson (Wharton) [MOVED TO NOV. 2nd.]

Sep 28

Rachel Croson (Wharton)

Direct and indirect trust and reciprocity [Negotiation series]

This talk is grounded on two papers (download paper 1 and paper 2)

Oct 5

Bob Gibbons and John Sterman (MIT/Sloan) "Potential roles of formal models in organizational analysis"

Gibbons' readings: (1) (2) (3) 

Sterman's Readings: Copies available in OSG Seminar's mailbox in the photocopy room of e52-5th floor

Oct 12

Peter Monge (USC)

A Multitheoretical, Multilevel Decompositional framework for studying organizations. (Download Paper 1 and Paper 2).

Oct 19

Deborah Kolb (Simmons) The Shadow Negotiation:  What we can Learn from Studying Gender [Negotiation series] [click here for a summary of Deborah's book]

Papers available in OSG Seminar's mailbox in the photocopy room of e52-5th floor

Oct 26

Christel Rutte (Techniche Universiteit Eindhoven)

Managing time in projects

(Download abstract)

Oct 30


Dutch, Dikes, Democracy—and Debate? Questions about the politicization of technological culture

Nov 2

Leigh Thompson (Kellogg) Improving managerial learning:  Does the classroom prepare managers for the real world?

Nov 9

Keith Hampton (MIT / DUSP)

Netville: Social Networks, Social Capital and Local Spaces

Nov 16

Martin Evans (U. of Toronto)

Careers and Downsizing

Nov 23

No seminar Happy thanksgiving!

Nov 30

No seminar


Dec 7

OSG semester wrap up -

Dec 14

Andrew Pettigrew New Forms of Organizing and Company Performance: Special Challenges of International Comparative Research (papers will be handed out in the talk).

Traditionally, doctoral students and faculty meet individually and/or in small groups before and after the seminar.  Please e-mail Joao Vieira da Cunha if you would like to arrange such meetings (please note the dates in which you're interested).

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