Welcome to the
Organization Studies Group's (OSG's)
Spring 2001 OSG Seminar Series

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in E52-598 (Forrester Room) from 1:00-2:30pm on Fridays.
As they become available, abstracts or papers for the seminars will be posted and can be seen by clicking on the title.

Speaker (affiliation) Topic/Title
Feb 9
No seminar this week
Feb 16
Roberto Fernandez (MIT/Sloan) "Skill Biased Technological Change and Wage Inequality: Evidence from a Plant Retooling"
Feb 23
Beth Bechky (Wharton) "Gofers, gaffers, and grips:  Playing a role in a
temporary total institution" 
Mar 2
Richard Whittington (Oxford) "The Practice of Strategy: Theoretical Resources and Empirical Possibilities"
Mar 9
Laura Black (Doctoral Student at MIT/Sloan) "A Dynamic Analysis of Different Cross-Boundary Behaviors Emerging in Similar Organizations"
Mar 16
No seminar this week
Mar 23
Pam Hinds (Stanford) "The Role of Organizational Context in Knowledge Sharing and Seeking"
April 6
Rod Kramer (Stanford) "Exploring the Fragility of Trust: Insights from
the Study of Social and Organizational Paranoia"
April 13
Richard Whitley (Manchester Business School) "Developing Innovative Competences: The role of institutional frameworks"
April 20
Mary Jo Hatch (UVA) "The Dynamics of Organizational Culture, Identity and Image"
April 27
Iiris Aaltio-Marjosola
(Lappeenranta University of Technology)
"Organizations as Cultural Realities: gender, entrepreneurial  cultures, and cultural change in focus."
May 4
Martha Feldman (University of Michigan) "Resources in Emerging Structures and Processes of Change"
May 11
Pablo J. Boczkowski (MIT/Sloan) "When we were print people": technology, work, and organization in online newsrooms
postponed until Fall Bob Gibbons and John Sterman (MIT/Sloan) "Potential roles of formal models in organizational analysis"

Traditionally, doctoral students and faculty meet individually and/or in small groups before and after the seminar.  Please e-mail Kate Kellogg if you would like to arrange such meetings (please note the dates in which you're interested).

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