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Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in E52-598 (Forrester Room) from 1:00-2:30 p.m. on Fridays.
As they become available, abstracts or papers for the seminars will be posted and can be seen by following the links as indicated.

Date Speaker & Affiliation Topic/Title
07-Feb-2003Joel Podolny
   Joel Podolny's webpage
How Small is the Small World Within a Firm?'
    Link to abstract
14-Feb-2003Maureen Scully
   Maureen Scully's webpage
Contested Terrain at the "Back End" of the Internet: Disputed Competence in an Express Delivery Company
21-Feb-2003George Westerman
Organizing to adopt a discontinuous innovation: Drivers of e-business performance in incumbent retailers
28-Feb-2003Brooke Harrington
   Max Planck Institute
   Brooke Harrington's webpage
The Pervasive Effects of Network Content on Organizational Performance.
7-Mar-2003Glenn Loury
   Glenn Loury's webpage
What is Race?
Recommended reading: Chapter 2 from The Anatomy of Racial Inequality,
to be distributed before the talk.
14-Mar-2003Marietta Baba
   Michigan State
   Marietta Baba's webpage
The Contexts of Knowing: Natural History of a Globally Distributed Team.
    Link to abstract | Link to case to review for talk
21-Mar-2003David Lazer & Nancy Katz
   David Lazer & Nancy Katz's webpage
Team Function and Social Networks
04-Apr-2003Joe Walther
   Joe Walther's webpage
Failure, Hate, and Blame: The Rules of Virtual Groups and their Consequences.
11-Apr-2003Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan
   MIT Sloan
   Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan's webpage
On Firmer Ground: Identifying the Causal Impact of Structural Position on Performance on a Contract R&D Firm.
18-Apr-2003Steve Barley
   Steve Barley's webpage
The Discourse and Reality of Flexibility: Evidence from High End Contracting
    NOTE ROOM CHANGE: E52-468 - Dean's Conference Room on the 4th floor
    Link to abstract
25-Apr-2003Todd Pittinsky
   Todd Pittinsky's webpage
Virtually Amy Chen: Email, Identities and Stereotyping
02-May-2003Robert Bies
   Robert Bies's webpage
The Study of Revenge in the Workplace: Conceptual, Ideological, and Empirical Issues
    Link to paper in MS Word format
Jared Curhan
   MIT Sloan
Subjective Value in Negotiation
    NOTE: This talk is a part of the IWER seminar series.
09-May-2003OSG Idea Chat: Kate Kellogg
   MIT Sloan
Cutting out the disease: Stigmatizing as resistance to institutional change among surgical residents
Michele Williams
   MIT Sloan
Empathic Action Across Boundaries: Implications for Cooperation and Performance
    NOTE: This talk is a part of the IWER seminar series.
Last One!
John Jost
   Stanford, & Institute for Advanced Studies at Radcliffe
   John Jost's webpage
System Justifying Effects of "Poor but Happy" and "Poor but Honest" Stereotype Exemplars
    Link to abstract | Link to paper (MS Word)

Traditionally, doctoral students and faculty meet individually and/or in small groups before and after the seminar.  Please e-mail osg-seminar-owner@sloan.mit.edu if you would like to arrange such meetings (please note the dates in which you're interested).

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