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Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held in E52-598 (Forrester Room) from 1:00-2:30 p.m. on Fridays.
As they become available, abstracts or papers for the seminars will be posted and can be seen by following the links as indicated.

Date Speaker & Affiliation Topic / Title

Kathleen Sutcliffe
University of Michigan

Executive Information Search, Perceptual Accuracy and Firm Performance



11-Feb-2005 Jenny Rudolph
Boston University
Diagnostic Sensemaking in Operating Room Crises: Exploration and Exploitation in Action
18-Feb-2005 Edward Lawler
Cornell University
Affect in Social Exchange
25-Feb-2005 Katherine Phillips
Northwestern University
Heterogeneity, Performance, and Blau’s Paradox:
The case of NHL Hockey Teams, 1988-1998
Paper Overview

Linda Smircich & Marta Calas
University of Mass, Amherst

Changing theories/ Changing institutions:
Engaging with the world through feminist analyses.

11-Mar-2005 Michael O'Leary
Boston College
Subgroups with Attitude: Imbalance and Isolation in Geographically Dispersed Teams




Peter Marsden
Harvard, Sociology

Informants in Establishment Surveys
25-Mar-2005 S P R I N G --- B R E A K
1-Ap-2005 Heather MacIndoe
University of Chicago
Community and Philanthropy: Neighborhood Effects on Foundation Giving to Urban Nonprofit Organizations
8-Ap-2005 Gerardine DeSanctis
Duke University
The Language Games of Online Forums
15-Ap-2005 Michele Williams
MIT, Sloan
Where Colleagues Fear to Tread: Threat, Threat Regulation and Trust on Collaborative Projects




Jennifer Howard-Grenville
Boston University

Getting In: Integrating Environmental Considerations Into Process Development Over Time
29-Ap-2005 Julie Rennecker
Case Western University
Reconstructing the Stage: The Use of Instant Messaging to Restructure Meeting Boundaries
6-May-2005 No OSG seminar. Inauguration of President Susan Hockfield.
13-May-2005 Jared Curhan
MIT, Sloan
What do people value when they negotiate? Mapping the domain of subjective value in negotiation

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