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Every year, MIT Sloan students travel the world on Sloan Spring Trips and other student-led treks. These treks provide students with the unique opportunity to establish contacts with MIT alums and business leaders, as well as applying learning experience from the classroom to the real world. Asian Business Club recognizes the value of these trips and is the proud sponsor for the annual IAP AsiaTrek, South East Asia Trek and the MIT Sloan sponsored Spring China Trip
IAP Far East Trek  

The IAP Asia Trek is conducted in January, and often co-sponsored by other MIT clubs such as the MediaTech club. The 10-day AsiaTrek takes the members to Taiwan and Hong Kong The trek is sometimes supervised by the Deputy Deans and is often visited government and business leaders. The trekkers met with alumni of MIT and MIT Sloan, and experienced how Far east business is conducted first-hand.


IAP South East AsiaTrek

The Asia Business Club has recently launched the South East Asia Trek in response to our growing SEA membership. The trip will take the students to Thailand , Philippines and Singapore . Like the IAP Far East Trek, the students will visit government and business leaders, meet with MIT alum and experience the culture and people of South East Asia .


Spring China Trip
Since 1994, MIT Sloan has sponsored academic trips to China . These trips are often accompanied by faculty members and professors in a 10-day excursion to Beijing , Shanghai and sometimes Hong Kong . Besides visiting government and corporation offices and organizing venture capital panel, the group organized many joint activities with students from our sister programs at Tsinghua University and Fudan University .
Sample: AsiaTrek 2003
Trip Summary

17 student ambassadors went to Taiwan (Taipei and Hsinchu) and Hong Kong from January 4 to January 14, 2003. The group visited 25 companies, government officials in Taipei and Hong Kong, and participated in two alumni gatherings. The trip was a tremendous success and we have numerous positive feedbacks from the companies and alumni.

Modeled after the successful MediaTech club’s TechTrek franchise, this trip, like other TechTreks, provided opportunities for the students to gain an in-depth understanding of local businesses (with emphasis in the tech-tech and telecom sectors). In addition, we aimed to strengthen and extend MIT Sloan’s brand and MIT’s overall government and business networks in Asia.

To achieve the trip’s goal, we worked hard to prepare the students and have trip participants conducted company and industry research. A 200-page trip book was put together. In addition, we invited Sloan Deputy Dean Don Lessard to travel with the group, which gave us significant credibility with the companies and helped MIT Sloan to renew ties with government and business leaders. We also collaborated with other school and club initiatives such as recruiting company sponsors and partners for the Entrepreneurship Center’s G-lab and E-lab courses, the MIT internship/externship program, Sloan Spring China Trip 2003, and Global Leadership Forum business conference in 2004. These initiatives and discussions provided us with more follow-on opportunities with the people we met during the trip.

We are very grateful for the help of Epoch foundation and MIT/MIT Sloan alumni in arranging many of the meetings. Moreover, the time and effort of our company hosts and their executives are greatly appreciated.

In Taiwan:

  • Mayor of Taipei – Mr. Ma Ying-jeou
  • Chairman of BenQ – Mr. KY Lee
  • Ex-Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom – Dr. Mao Chi-kuo
  • Chairman of Delta Electronics – Mr. Bruce Cheng
  • Chairman of Mitac/Synnex – Mr. Matthew Miao
  • Chairman of Quanta – Mr. Barry Lam
  • Vice Chairman of Inventec – Mr. Sayling Wen
  • President of ITRI – Industrial Technology Research Institute – Dr. Chintay Shih
  • CFO of Fubon Financial Services – Mr. Victor Kung
  • Executive VP of Cathay Financial Services – Mr. Chang-Ken Lee
  • Executive VP of China Industrial Development Bank – Mr. Bing Shen
  • CEO & Senior VP of Chinatrust Financial Services – Mr. Jeffrey Koo, Jr. & Mr. Chao-Chin Tung
  • Chairman of Global Strategic Investment Fund – Dr. George Yang
  • General Partner, CID VC – Mr. David Yang
  • Chairman & CEO of Industrial Bank of Taiwan – Mr. Kenneth C. M. Lo
  • Executive Director of Epoch Foundation – Mr. Paul Hsu
  • Senior VP of Uni-President Enterprise Group – Mr. Alex Lo
  • VP of Sales & Marketing of ASUStek – Mr. Jonathan Tsang
  • Former President of MIT Club of Taiwan & Lead Organizer of the 2002 MIT Asia-Pacific Alumni Conference – Mr. Frank Liu
  • President of MIT Sloan Club in Taiwan – Mr. Tim Chan
We also visited TSMC, MediaTek, and Accton in Taiwan.

In Hong Kong:

  • Chairman of Bank of East Asia & Legislative Councilor – Dr. David Li
  • Chairman of Li & Fung & Chairman of Hong Kong Airport Authority – Dr. Victor Fung
  • Permanent Secretary for Planning & Lands of Government of Hong Kong – Mr. John Tsang
  • Executive Director of China Unicom – Mr. Xing Hui Tan
  • Managing Director of The Carlyle Group (Asia Ventures) – Mr. Gabriel Li
  • Managing Directors at Warburg Pincus – Mr. Chang Sun and Mr. Wayne Tsou
  • CFO of Legend Computers – Ms. Mary Ma
  • Executive VP of Legend Capital – Mr. Hao Chen
  • Chairman of Asia Spencer Stuart & Associates (Hong Kong) – Mr. Martin Tang
  • Vice President of Bain & Company (Hong Kong) – Mr. Oliver Stratton
  • CTO of Nortel Networks Asia Pacific – Mr. Conrad Labonté
  • CFO of Chinadotcom – Mr. David Widdicombe
  • President of MIT Club of Hong Kong & Partner of Baring Private Equity Partners Asia – Mr. Gordon Shaw
  • President of MIT Sloan Club in Hong Kong – Mr. Siu Fung Chan
We also visited Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Asia-Pacific Satellite Company, China Mobile, and Reach while we were in Hong Kong.

During the company visits, the students had stimulating discussion with the company hosts on strategic topics and industry-specific issues. Even though most of the trip participants had extensive experience living and working in the region, this trip has greatly broadened the students’ understanding of the technology value chain, the telecom industry, and the competitive landscape in the Greater China region. It was also an excellent opportunity to strengthen the ties between Asia business with the Asian Business Club as well as MIT Sloan.

Student Organizers:
Alex Chan, Joe Heitzeberg, Peggy Peng, Henry Tan, Hans Tung, Long Wong

Student Participants:
Tahsin Alam, Gee Len Cham, Yu Huang, Do Kyun (DK) Kim, Nhat-so Lam, Derrick Lay, Sam Lim, Kartika Prihadi, Miguel Sieh, Ervin Tu, Shih-yu Wang

Spencer Fung, Claire Huang, Nhat-sheng Lam, Gina Lay, Jay Tung


Sloanies at TSMC Sloanies at TSMC in Hsinchu Meeting with Taipei Mayor Ma Meeting with Mayor of Taipei Meeting with AU Optronic and KY Lee At AU Optronic with KY Lee Picture with Barry Lam of Quanta Meeting Quanta's Barry Lam Inventec treated us to dinner Inventec treated us to dinner Uni-President meeting Uni-President meeting
Nightview at Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Nightview from Victoria Peak Dr. Victor Fung met with Sloanies Dr. Victor Fung met with Sloanies Satellite control center in Tai Po Satellite control center in Tai Po Meeting at Chinadotcom Meeting with Chinadotcom CFO China Unicom in Hong Kong China Unicom in Hong Kong One of the satellite ground station for APT APT satellite ground station

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