MBA '15 & Beyond

How can ABC help?

The MIT Sloan is one of the world's leading business schools. The Africa Business Club is committed to increasing the number of Africans enrolled at MIT Sloan.

We recognize that the application process is highly competitive. As such, we welcome prospective African students who wish to contact current students with questions about the application process and life at MIT Sloan. Please feel free to contact us at

Previous MBA Students

What brought them to MIT Sloan?

I'm interested in E & I and wanted an MBA program that was strong in this area. Initially, I was under the common misconception that MIT Sloan was mainly a technology school but all that changed when I visited the campus.

-Freida Ahonkhai

Sloan was my top choice because it stood out as the most empowering environment for putting ideas to action. The high degree of cross-functional collaboration and the renowned business plan competitions truly reflect the entrepreneurial drive and the distinctively MIT Sloan approach of putting ideas to work. I could not resist.

-Brian Sangudi

Sloan's hands on approach to teaching management made it high on my list. I was also attracted by Sloan's strength in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and the wealth of resources available to budding entrepreneurs like the Legatum Center at MIT and the MIT Entrenpreneurship Center.

-Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola


I chose to apply for MIT Sloan for its strong focus on innovation, the strengths of its academic program and faculty, and the flexibility of its curriculum. In addition, Sloan’s focus on sustainability was appealing to me. Finally, I wanted to study in a school that has an international resonance and a network that spans the globe.

-David Ly

Looking at the wealth of management resources and leadership programs within the school I was convinced that Sloan would give me every opportunity to sharpen my business instincts. Between the leadership/innovative track and the entrepreneurship spirit encouraged at the school I know Sloan will help me continue to expand my skill set.

-Ikenna Achi

What influenced my decision was the flexibility of the program, the resources available at the school and the dedication of the Sloan community to establishing business practices that strengthen economies all over the world for example through the Legatum Center who enpower enterpreneurs from all over the world.

-Teju Abimbola