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  S.M. Projects (2004/2005)  
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Envelope Depositor on Automatic Teller Machines Using e-SelfService Application Framework (eSSAF)
Student :
Cheng Qiong
SMA Supervisor :
Assoc Prof Hsu Wen Jing
Company Supervisor :
Mr Rernglertpricha Sitthichai (IBM Singapore Pte Ltd)

Project Abstract:

The e-Self Service Application Framework (eSSAF) facilitates development of applications for self-service devices such as ATMs. It has been developed by the Emerging Technology Centre, IBM Singapore since 1995. Currently more than 3000 ATMs in 20 countries are running eSSAF at the backend. This project is to extend the current ATM to support envelope deposit function. It involves designing a new Event-Job Processor to coordinate between the application and the envelope depositor hardware, extend the current NDC+ state table to include states for the new function, and finally plug the new components into
the existing framework and test until the envelope depositor works well without affecting normal ATM functions.

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