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Expertise: Electromagnetic fields and devices, flow measurement
Dielectrophoretic Single Cell Trap Design Optimization
Project Advisor
Asst Prof Lim Kian Meng
Duration :
September 2003 to September 2005

Project Abstract:

This project focuses on the development of the computational tools necessary to simulate the behavior of micron-sized particles in a dieletrophoretic trap. The objective is to gain a sufficient physical understanding to be able to predict with computer simulations which is the optimum design of the dieletrophoretic trap for a set of user specifications (temperature tolerance, flow rate, particular kind of particle that must be trapped). The problem includes the calculation of the electric forces, fluid flow forces and temperature fields on complex geometries, although my contribution will be mostly connected to the electric field, and more in particular, the development of a boundary element method for the accurate calculation of the electrical forces on the particle’s surface.

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