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Expertise: Analysis of electromagnetic scattering, and radiation by using the fast algorithm
Modeling and Simulation for Metamaterials
Project Advisor
Assoc Prof Li Le-Wei
Duration :
December 2002 to December 2004

Project Abstract:

A new artificial composite medium, called metamaterials has attracted more and more scholars. These materials have special characteristics those are not found in nature and not observed in the constituent materials. The properties of these composites are not determined by the fundamental physical properties of their constituents but by the shape and distribution of specific patterns included in them. There are various models for description the characteristics of electromagnetic waves with metamaterials. In general, there are two kinds. One is to directly make use of the electromagnetic numerical simulation tools, such as method of integral equations (IEs) and finite different time domain (FDTD) method, to investigate the electromagnetic characters of the whole structure. The other is to evaluate the effective constitutive parameters of the composite structure, then develop numerical simulation tools to predict the electromagnetic performance of this complex medium. We present the second method and deduce the effective constitutive parameters by using quasi-static Lorentz theory and numerical simulation first. We will design the composites with special shaped inclusions those have special optical properties and a broad range of applications after we develop the simulation codes.

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