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Expertise: Modeling and evaluation of manufacturing systems
Analysis and Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Project Advisor
Asst Prof Velusamy Subramaniam
Duration :
September 2002 to September 2004

Project Abstract:

The present evolution of enterprises is characterized by (i) competition based on increasing variety that requires shorter lead-times, (ii) better conformance to delivery schedules, (iii) competitive costs, and (iv) an ever increasing thrust on quality. Enterprises are required to respond to these challenges through appropriate manufacturing system configurations with relevant planning and control mechanisms. Accordingly, different manufacturing system configurations have emerged; flow lines (for high-volume/low-variety), batch production (for medium-volume/ medium-variety), and job shops (for low-volume/high-variety). To overcome the problems faced by traditional process focused configuration (e.g. batch manufacturing and/or job shops) two distinct configurations have emerged, viz. Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMSs) and Cellular Manufacturing Systems (CMSs). The changeover from one manufacturing system configuration to another or to a more automated system is a strategic decision that affects many other activities of the enterprise, as it requires a huge capital investment. It is expedient to develop a better understanding of the various factors and their impacts on the performance of the manufacturing enterprise, which may be synthesized into tools that would lead to the analysis and scheduling of FMSs.

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