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Expertise: Complicated information systems analysis and modeling, web-based supply chain management, advanced production planning and demand management, decision support systems
Customer Demand Fulfillment Approaches under Limited Capacity
Project Advisor
Assoc Prof Tor Shu Beng
Assoc Prof Rohit Bhatnagar
Duration :
October 2001 to October 2004

Project Abstract:

Customer demand fulfillment is the business process within a company that determines how the customer demand is fulfilled. It strongly influences the order lead-time and the on time delivery, and hence plays a very important role in retaining and increasing the market shares. In the project, a new methodology for customer demand fulfillment is investigated and the corresponding approach is developed based on the fulfillment constraints of the material availability and the production capacity. In this research, based on an Integrated BOM Model, an Extended Dynamic BOM Approach is developed for effectively handling multilevel BOM of the product. For assessing the approach, a prototype will be developed on the Internet technologies. This new approach and its application would be very helpful to support companies to make reliable and informed decisions when facing customer requirements, especially in today’s globalization progress.

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