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Expertise: Computer vision, computer-aided design, augmented reality
Augmented Reality and its Applications in Assembly, Inspection and Maintenance
Project Advisor
Prof Andrew Nee Yeh Ching
Duration :
October 2002 to October 2004

Project Abstract:

Augmented reality (AR) is a novel approach that augments computer-generated information, such as computer graphics, annotation and other modalities with the real world. Unlike Virtual Reality, AR enhances the real environment rather that replacing it. AR has potential applications in many fields, such as industrial training, computer-aided surgery, information visualization, entertainment, etc. One of the most promising applications of AR is in the area of manufacturing assembly, equipment maintenance, inspection, procedural learning, etc. This is an investigative work in the manufacturing field. The purpose of this project is to explore effective methods of AR and its applications in the area of assembly, inspection, and maintenance in order to increase productivity of these activities. The main issues of AR and its applications to be explored and developed are as follows:

(1) Registration technique;
(2) Sensing technique;
(3) Information visualization in the domain of assembly, inspection and maintenance;
(4) Case studies;
(5) Development of a prototype AR-assisted assembly, inspection and maintenance system.

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