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Expertise: Communication, control
Complexity of Decentralized Communication Network for Mechatronics Systems
Project Advisor
Assoc Prof Chen I-Ming
Duration :
March 2003 to March 2005

Project Abstract:

Generically there is a core access point in distributed communication network systems. Such arrangement has several obvious disadvantages: unsatisfied reliability, scalability and dynamics because of the bottleneck introduced by the core access point. However, a decentralized network system with high-performances is difficult to design, in particular the implementation mechanisms including the protocols, modulation/demodulation etc. The research here concentrates on how to describe the complexity, design the architecture and the protocols of a decentralized communication networks in order to obtain excellent characteristics of the decentralized systems. We mainly focus on the architecture description, protocols design and its verification, encoding/decoding modes and modulation/demodulation approaches etc. Simulation and experiments of the decentralized communication network will be carried out. Potentially the research will be applied to advanced mechatronic systems, such as small foot-print servo control systems with advanced network capability and distributed miniaturized autonomous systems.

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