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Expertise: Biomolecule guided nanoparticle synthesis, assembly of bimetallic and multimetallic nanoparticle, electrochemistry of metal nanoparticle
DNA Guided Synthesis of Fuel Cell Catalysts
Project Advisor
Prof Lee Jim Yang
Duration :
August 2003 to August 2005

Project Abstract:

This research project is aimed at producing nanoscale multi-metallic particles that are active in fuel cell electrocatalysis, using biological molecules as design templates and assembly tools to guide the material synthesis and particle assembly. Molecularly designed oligonucletides and peptides will be used to program the assembly of nanoparticles and the construction of simple nanostructures based on Watson-Cricks base-pairing of complimentary sequences. The scope of work includes the preparation protocols and their optimizations, the identification of scientific issues, and the evaluation of activity and tolerance of the nanoassemblies so prepared in room temperature electrochemical oxidation of liquid methanol.

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