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Expertise: Design, synthesis, and structure activity study of biologically active molecules such as peptides and peptido mimetic compounds, solid phase peptide synthesis, solid phase organic synthesis, Protein and peptide micro arrays and combinatorial chemistry
Design, Development and Functional Analysis of a Spatially Addressable Protein Microarray
Project Advisor
Assoc Prof Too Heng-Phon
Duration :
March 2003 to March 2006

Project Abstract:

The advances in the modern proteomic research were highlighted by the exploration and adoption of many new techniques and strategies which provided the potential for the simultaneous study of thousands of proteins in a single experiment. Among them high-throughput array technique could provide an important tools to probe the complex analytes such as serum, whole blood and total cell extracts. Thus these emerging techniques are capable of revealing novel protein functions and helping in a better understanding of comprehensive protein interaction networks in an organism. As like any other emerging technology, the protein micro array also showed great potential, but the difficulties of reducing “exciting theory” to “real-life practice” is an unyielding problem. The present project will address some of the existing problems and would eventually develop a novel platform for the generation and arraying of a large pool of protein into a spatially addressable format with multiplexed screening in a highly miniaturized format.

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