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Expertise: Gas Fluidization Behavior, Bed-to-Surface Heat Transfer, Discrete Element Method, Vertically Vibrated Granular Beds
Tracking Study on Granular Dynamics in Vertically Vibrated Beds
Project Advisor
Assoc Prof Wang Chi-Hwa
Duration :
March 2004 to March 2006

Project Abstract:

The study of granular material is of great interest to many researchers in both engineering and science communities. The importance of such a study derives from its complex rheological character and also its significant role in a wide range of industrial applications, such as coal, food, plastics, pharmaceutical, powder metallurgy and mineral processing. A number of recent reports have been focused on the physics of non-cohesive granular material submitted to vertical vibration in either experimental or theoretical approaches. Such a kind of system can be used to separate, mix and dry granular materials in industries. It exhibits different instability behaviour on its surface when under vertical vibration, for example, avalanching, surface fluidization and surface wave, and these phenomena have attracted particular interest of many researchers. This project aims to study the solids motion in this systems using tracking technique—Positron Emission Particle Tracking. Solids motion features investigated include cycle frequency and dispersion.—Such understanding should provide routes to improving the quality of granular mixing behaviour in vertically vibrated beds.

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