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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Programme (CPE)
Workshop and Laboratory Tour


Catering to Singapore’s fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Engineering (CPE) Programme is designed to train the next generation of technical leaders and to develop new, innovative, high value-added technologies.

Students can enrol for an MIT Masters degree, in conjunction with an NUS Masters or a PhD, and also have the option of applying for an NUS or NTU PhD directly. They are provided practical training in an industrial environment, and during their attachment in industry will work on solving challenging business or research issues in the company.

The CPE flagship research programme and inter-university research programmes focus on (a) metabolic engineering for biosynthesis of small molecules (b) novel routes to homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical synthesis and (c) new technologies based on new concepts rooted in molecular engineering for downstream processing, separations and formulation. These areas will open up new possibilities for bio- and chemical synthesis via enzyme and microbial biocatalysis and organic synthetic methods, as well as novel methods of crystallisation, separations and formulation.

The objective of this workshop and laboratory tour is to reach out to industry for the purpose of collaboration in education and research.

We cordially invite you and your colleagues to attend.

Click here to register by 3 December 2007.


Time Speaker   Title
9.00am Prof Raj Rajagopalan, CPE Programme Chair
& Head, Dept of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NUS
Research Presentation
9.20am Assoc Prof Too Heng-Phon, CPE Metabolic Engineering – exploiting mechanisms in molecular and cellular biology
9.30am Assoc Prof Li Zhi Biotransformation for Pharmaceutical Synthesis
9.50am Asst Prof Mark Saeys, CPE Molecular Modeling: a tool to design catalysts
10.00am Asst Prof Saif Ali Khan, CPE Microreactor Process Engineering for Chemical Synthesis
10.10am Prof Neal Chung, CPE Membranes for Pharmaceutical Separation
10.20am Asst Prof Jiang Jianwen, CPE Molecular Insight into the Crystallization of Pharmaceutical Molecules – From Fundamentals to Applications
10.30am Discussion
- Areas of industry interest
- Possible areas of collaboration
11.00am Laboratory Tour
12.00nn Lunch

4 Engineering Drive 3
Singapore 117576

Tel: 6516 4787
Fax: 6775 2920
Email: smabox3@nus.edu.sg

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