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Housing & Finance

Housing and Services

Singapore Accommodation

Housing in Singapore is arranged through the SMA Office. Wherever possible, SMA will try to arrange for on-campus accommodation. If you choose to secure your own accommodation, select one which has convenient transport to the university where the lectures are held, bearing in mind that the distance learning takes place in the early morning or late evening hours.

MIT Accommodation

MIT Master students are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. The MIT SMA Office has made special arrangement that if you are selected for on-campus housing you will only be charged for the semester you are in residence.

MIT does not have on-campus residence for visiting students. The NUS/NTU PhD students who will be in residence at MIT will have the opportunity to stay at an apartment nearby the MIT Campus. PhD students are not obligated to stay here and the MIT SMA Office will serve as a resource in providing you information on alternative housing in the Boston/Cambridge areas.

Campus Services

The Office of Student Affairs at NUS, the International Students Unit at NTU and the International Students Office at MIT provide a range of services to international students.

Student Counseling Service at NUS and NTU counsel students on personal, emotional or academic problems.

Career Centre at NUS and Office for Professional Attachments at NTU organise Career Fairs and Recruitment Talks by prospective employers.

The University Health, Wellness and Counselling Centre at NUS and the Medical Centre at NTU provide medical care as well as health education.

Regular internal bus services operate within both the campuses. Feeder services are available from the campuses to the MRT stations. At MIT, students can use the train (the T) or buses to get around.

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Financial Information

Fellowships & Grants

Financial assistance is available to all SMA students in the form of fellowships. In addition, the MIT and NUS/NTU tuition fee for all SMA programmes is fully subsidised by SMA. When students spend their residency at MIT, the SMA Office will pay for travel costs. The students will also receive a monthly allowance of US$1000, subject to a maximum of US$6000, when studying at MIT. All successful applicants are awarded bond-free fellowships which carry monthly allotments of S$2000/S$2500. Confirmed PhD candidates receive an additional top-up grant.

Industry Sponsorships

Top-up grants through industry sponsorships are also generally available during the internships with industry. SMA's industry and research partners may award top-ups of between S$300-S$500 per month to students who meet their requirements.

Part-Time Employment

Research students may be appointed as part-time Graduate Student Tutor, Teaching Assistants or Laboratory Demonstrators upon recommendation of the Thesis Supervisors. The appointments are normally considered after the student has completed a term of work in the SMA Programme. All students, however, are not allowed to hold additional employment on or off-campus without prior approval from the SMA Office.

Married Students

The fellowship offered is sufficient only for the student's expenses. A married student accompanied by a spouse has to make arrangements for sufficient financial support. Students are advised not to bring their families to Singapore until they have settled in.

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Cost of Living Table


Estimated amount in S$

Off-Campus Housing
Rented room (Single)
Rented room (Double)

300-350 pm
250-300 pm

Off-campus hawker stalls or university canteens

300-350 pm

(including photocopying)

300-500 pa

Bus fare

200 pm

Incidental Expenses
toiletries, laundry, recreation, etc.

200-300 pm

Examination Fee Master's/PhD
MIT Thesis
Payable once throughout candidature

S$250/S$400** (NUS)
S$150.50/S$210* (NTU)

Acceptance & Matriculation Card

S$52.50* (NUS)
S$76.68* pa (NTU)

Other University Fees

~S$205* pa (NUS)
~S$90* pa (NTU)


S$100 pm

pm - per month
ps - per semester
pa - per annum
* includes GST and is subject to change
** excludes GST and is subject to change

The approximate living cost for a student when at MIT (not inclusive of personal spending) is as follows:

One semester stay: approximately US$2500-US$3500


If you would like to receive more information, please e-mail smart@nus.edu.sg or phone (65) 6874-4787.

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