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"SMART-Tohoku GCOE joint Workshop on Micro & Nano Bioengineering"

SMART-BioSyM and Tohoku University organized a joint workshop involving MIT, National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Tohoku University on "Micro & Nano Bioengineering". This was a two day workshop on 11th and 12th Jan 2010 at the CIT Auditorium, Centre for Instructional Technology, National University of Singapore.

The workshop was sponsored by the SMART program and the Tohoku University Global COE program ("Global Nano-Biomedical Engineering Education and Research Network Centre") to promote research and higher education activities in the East Asian region. The Tohoku Global COE program has promoted nano-biomedical engineering by establishing collaborations between Tohoku University and representative East Asian Universities since it began in 2007.

Four plenary lectures were delivered by faculties from the participating Universities.

  • "Micro- to nanoscale analysis of the cell-material interface: Mechanical identification and manipulation of cell function" by Krystyn Van Vliet (MIT)
  • "Cancer Cell Imaging and Therapy based on Nano-biotechnology" by Noriaki Ohuchi (Tohoku)
  • "Viscoelastic, fracture, and adhesion strength of cells" by Liao Kin (NTU)
  • "Force sensing and control for micro/bio-manipulation" by Peter Chen (NUS)

The workshop featured 16 other presentations and 15 posters by researchers and faculty members of the participating Universities. The workshop provided an excellent platform to exchange their most recent ideas and share results of cutting edge technologies related to micro and nano scale bioengineering.