Help with Streaming Media using WindowsMedia Player

Windows Media Player requirements

Please visit this URL to match the requirements of your computing system to the appropriate version of Windows Media Player
Microsoft's Windows Media Player page

Test your WindowsMedia Player with streaming content

Use this link to stream a low-bandwidth video and audio clip from Microsoft's website [130 kbps]
WindowsMedia test stream at

If your Internet access is enabled but you cannot view this video clip, access to streaming may be blocked by a firewall (corporate environments) or your domestic router may not be enabled for Windows Media Player.

View sample videos from MIT at our standard bandwidths

Windows Media 220kbps stream (broadband/dsl/cable)
MIT Commencement Speeches - 2007 [220kbps]

Windows Media 56kbps stream (dial-up modem)
MIT Commencement Speeches - 2007 [56kbps]