Robert Dunn

BIO, 2007

Robert Dunn, M.F.A. Carnegie Mellon, is a digital artist and adjunct assistant professor at the Duquesne University Studio Art program. He lives in Onset, MA and Pittsburgh, PA. His conceptualized digital photography and his layered compositions reflect inner senses of transparency, dislocation, transformation, wholeness and mortality which arise during interludes of contemplation of natural environments and urban settings. For the last decade he has focused upon the personal production of archival prints on fine art paper.

The prints on display in the MIT Solar House are landscapes of ephemeral Light which reveal the textures and mutable atmosphere of Cape Cod.

Robert's art work and his computer graphics design projects have been exhibited at the Computer Art Biennale, Rzeszów Poland, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (one-man show and exhibition with Group A), the Marion Art Center, Marion, MA, "World Wide Network Art", Fukui City, Japan, the Siggraph Conferences (LA/New Orleans/San Antonio), Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Israel Museum Youth Wing and Spertus Gallery, Jerusalem, Papalote Museum, Mexico City, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Istanbul. He has contributed to several international telecommunications art events including the "Reflux Project" at the Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brasil, Paris-based "City Portraits" with Art Reseaux, and as a member of the DAX Group "The Serpent of Stone" with Plexus, Sardinia, Italy, and "Ars Electronica: Aspects of Gaia", Linz, Austria.

His other activities include: Director of TeleCommunity, an outreach studio experience in computer graphics for area youth, based at Duquesne Unviersity in Pittsburgh, and President of non-profit Arc Vertuel, Inc. which designs museum-based educational software utilizing rich 3D computer graphics, animations and interactivity involving archaeology, architecture and artifacts / collections.

Sample Art for the MIT Solar House

jetty walk, Cape Cod Bay

pebble beach, Sandwich