Global Spray Coatings & Applied Technologies, LLC. is pleased and privileged to support and sponsor MIT for the building of the seventh solar home (Solar7) for the Solar Decathlon Competition. Global Spray Coatings & Applied Technologies, LLC is the New England authorized distributor for Xiom Corp. and their spray polymer powder coatings.
Xiom Corp. has perfected and industrialized the powder coating process so it can occur on-site via a mobile spray applied flame gun and control panel. Oxygen and propane provide the fuel for the flame and compressed air flows the powder through the flame until melted onto the surface. The process operates without the necessity for curing in a 400 degree oven and long cure times (curing occurs in minutes not hours).
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Spray powder coatings that will be provided by Global Spray onto the solar house include the following:

Global Spray and Xiom Corp are proud to be involved as sponsors and mentors to the MIT staff, students and volunteers that have constructed Solar7 House. This project is a perfect scenario to showcase on-site spray powder coating as a new technology, not just in the energy efficient sector, but in other uses such as architectural, industrial and environmental sustainability.