SP.270 Spring 2003

Japanese Animation: Still Pictures, Moving Minds

This page corresponds to a course offered in Spring 2003. The instructor has left this website up as an historical resource. Please visit the main SP.270 website for up-to-date resources.

Thanks for your interest in MIT's course on Japanese animation.

Students may still register for the course. Fill out an add form and bring it to one of the first class sessions in 4-364.

Primary Resources

Read the Course Syllabus (PDF 05-Feb-2003)

Check the Schedule (PDF 13-Mar-2003)
Please note that the schedule will be undergoing periodic revisions.

Access the DVD Discussion App, which students are to use for Assignment 1.
There is also a list of undocumented keyboard shortcuts (PDF 06-Feb-2003) to control DVD playback. Check it out; it should help when watching material through the program.

Weekly Work

Visit the Weekly Work page to download and check all of the assignments.


Students may use Jim Breen's WWWJDIC if they wish to expand their Japanese vocabulary. Special instructions, including a helpful shortcut for Internet Explorer, are available here.


Posters for the anime course still exist; please feel free to download and print them to hang on your wall.
Access the posters

Past Courses

View the website of the Japanese animation course taught Spring 2002.

Faculty and Staff

Sean J. Leonard

Office Hours:
   W 1-2pm 50-356
   M EVE 5:15-6:45pm 50-356
(by appointment)
Faculty Sponsor and Advisor
Dr. Peter Dourmashkin
   Senior Lecturer in Physics
   and Associate Director of ESG

ESG Staff
Teaching Assistant
Bo S. Kim

Office Hours:

Affiliated Programs

SP.270 is offered through Experimental Study Group, and is affiliated with Comparative Media Studies. Funding for SP.270 has been provided through a grant from the Alumni Funds for Teaching and Education Enhancement.

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