Shape & Roll Foot

The Shape and Roll technology was developed
at the Northwestern University Prosthetics
Research Laboratory and Rehabilitation
Engineering Research Center in Chicago,IL
headed by Doctor Andrew H. Hansen.

Project Description

The Shape and Roll foot is a low-cost
prosthetic foot that mimics the rollover shape
of a natural gait. Cyclic testing and recently
held trials have revealed some design issues
that must be addressed before it can be
deployed. This project will address these
issues to make the foot more durable and less
costly, as well as augment the functionality to
allow both squatting and walking. The goal is
to make it a practical device for use in the
developing world in terms of functionality and
manufacturability. Andrew Hansen and his
Northwestern University team will assist in
prototyping efforts and help with design
iterations as necessary.

Alpha Prototype:

* Convex dome added to top of foot to allow
adjustment in the sagittal plane
* Aluminum square extrusion replaced with
round tubing
* Created ankle attachment that matches
the Jaipur Foot's HDPE shank. A special bolt is
used to fasten and dynamically adjust the

Last Update - April 2010