Random Hall Lego Robotics Seminar

in emacs you can use the pull down menus at the top of the
screen to do what you want - or these keyboard shortcuts

shortcuts are shown in the menus if you want to learn more of these

C = the control key    
M = the alt key        

C-x C-s    to save a file
  hold down ctrl press X then S

C-x C-w    to save as

C-x C-f    to load a file

C-x C-c    to quit

to copy a block of text:  go to the begining of it (with the cursor) press
  C-space   then go to the end and press  M-w

to cut a block of text: do the same as copy but use C-w insted of M-w

C-y   to paste

C-k   to cut the text from the cursor position to the end of the line

C-_   to undo
   hold ctrl and shift and press -  (the key next to 0)

C-g to cancel a command  (ie if you're at the load file prompt from C-x C-f
        and you decide you don't want to load a file after all then press C-g)