Subject Description

Each student will learn to use both film and digital photography in developing a creative imaging project of his or her own choice.

In the new Media Center, 26-139, students will develop facility in applying Adobe Photoshop to enhance, select and combine images that they have taken for the project. We'll use the darkrooms of the Edgerton Center to develop film for scanning and chemical enlargement. We'll also use the digital imaging facilities of the Center, which include scanners, Macintosh workstations, digital cameras and printers. Work sessions will be interspersed with chalk talks and demonstrations.

For the culminating project, each student will be expected to produce a duplicate set of black and white and/or color prints: one to keep and one for display at the Center.

About the Instructor

Theresa Mislick is a photographer and artist who has worked with digital imaging since its inception on the personal computer and has taught photography for many years. She has worked at M.I.T. as research staff in the Departments of Chemistry and Earth and Planetary Sciences and is Technical Instructor in Photography at the MIT Student Art Association and Technical Instructor for Imaging Seminars at the Edgerton Center.