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Mass Spectrometry Analysis Submission Guidelines

The instrument used in the DCIF is a 4.7 Tesla Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Mass Spectrometer (FTMS) built by Bruker Daltonics.

The current instrument operating parameters and ionization techniques available are as follows:

  • Mass Range capabilities are currently:
      • 100 to 3000 m/z for singly charged ions
      • Up to 20,000 m/z for multiply charged ions
  • EI  Electron Impact 70- ~900 amu upper limit (click for advantages/ disadvantages)
  • CI  Chemical Ionization  ~2000 amu upper limit (click for advantages/ disadvantages)
  • ESI Electron Spray Ionization
  • DART- Direct Analysis in Real Time- ionization up ~1000 Da.

Questions? Please contact Li Li for details. 

Resolution and Mass Accuracy  Please read this to determine the resolution required to best suit your needs.

Description of Unit Mass (previously referred to as Low Resolution)

Description of Exact Mass (previously referred to as High Resolution)

The mass spectrometry request form is here PDF symbol.  If you have any questions concerning the request form (i.e. which resolution is best, how much sample do I need, which ionization technique is appropriate, etc.), please click herePDF symbol. (These links require Adobe Acrobat Reader)