Running NMR experiments on deuterium (2H) as the observed nucleus is slightly different than most other nuclei. The DCIF has two instruments suited for observing deuterium:

  • The Varian Inova 501 (known as Rocky)
  • The Varian Inova 500 (known as Bullwinkle)

  • These experiments are often run 'unlocked' as these experiments are typically performed in a non-deuterated solvent. Fortunately, you should still be able to reference your spectrum to the naturally abundant deuterium in the solvent. Simply look in the 'grass' and you should find the reference peak(s). Another consideration is 'cross talk'. In order to minimize the rf 'cross talk' between channels we recommend you disconnect the lock cable before submitting the experiment. The tuning procedures for both of these instruments are as follows...

    2H-NMR on the Varian Inove 501 (Broadband probe) & Varian 500 (Inverse Probe)

    NOTE: If you want to shim the magnet, do so first with appropriate proton parameters loaded, before starting deuterium (which will require that the lock channel be removed).

  • Load parameters for deuterium/solvent.
  • Type su
  • Insert the sample.
  • Close the acqi window.

  • Tuning the probe to 2H: You will need to tune (or at least check) for each sample.
    When finished, you will need to tune back to 13C: (Leave sample inserted to tune back to carbon.)

  • Load parameters for 13C/solvent.
  • Type su
  • Close acqi window.

  • Tuning the probe back to 13C:

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